Improve medication adherence with culturally competent behavioral health interventions
Daily medication adherence can be improved by 68% with targeted behavioral health interventions.

The Status Quo

Today, 50% of patients struggle with daily medication adherence.

When those medications treat or prevent infectious disease, medication non-adherence not only affects the patient; it impacts their community.

It's time for a change.

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What We Do

We're building better mental health support tools for patients and providers.

Kalamos hires, trains, and deploys mental health professionals to deliver on-demand, CDC-approved evidence-based interventions for patients on ART or PrEP medications.

With the right support, we can End the HIV Epidemic together.

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Financially Sustainable

Addressing gaps in care cannot solely rely on grant funding.

We are translating research-backed behavioral health interventions into reimbursable services. In order to ensure accessibility, we are training therapists across the country so that any clinician can implement them into their practice.

With Kalamos, every patient can receive affordable, effective behavioral healthcare.

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