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Mental Health Services
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It Doesn't Have to Be THis WAy

Insurance Contracting is Too Expensive

For smaller practices, behavioral health specialists often need to bill 20 sessions to cover the cost of insurance credentialing - and that's just one insurance plan.

Many organizations with a high need for behavioral health simply cannot justify the cost and have to forego offering robust care to their patients.

Artificially Limiting Access

Without insurance coverage, behavioral health is often too expensive for patients with high needs to access. These barriers often prolong or exacerbate easily addressable issues.

Moreover, the high cost of care limits therapists' ability to serve a diverse range of clients, as certain populations disproportionately face financial obstacles when paying for therapy out-of-pocket.

The Kalamos Difference

Integrated Care is Better Care

Integrated Behavioral Health (BHI) allows our therapists care to be covered by your existing insurance contracts, without additional credentialing costs.

Without BHI

With BHI from Kalamos

3-4 month wait times
Next day appointments
A black box for outcomes
Integrated with physical care
Prohibitively expensive
Covered by insurance
A Better Way Forward

Flexible Staffing

Avoid the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training mental health specialists by partnering with Kalamos. Scale up and down your mental health services with our on-demand network of specially trained therapists.

It's like having a reliable team on standby, ready to help whenever they're needed.

To Help Every Patient

By leveraging BHI, we remove the burden of high therapy costs, making it affordable for diverse patients. This means individuals can focus on their well-being without worrying about the cost.

Our goal is to prioritize accessible and inclusive mental healthcare for all, ensuring that everyone receives the support they deserve.

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