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It Doesn't Have to Be THis WAy

Insurance Contracting is Too Expensive

Most therapists find it doesn't make sense to pay insurance companies for contracts. As a result, many marketing tools prioritize patients who can pay, rather than those who therapists can help the most.

By partnering with primary physicians and leveraging new billing codes, we make sure you see the patients who need care the most without financial barriers.

Artificially Limitting Access

Patients of non-normative sexual or gender orientation experience are over twice as likely to face mental health challenges. However, they frequently encounter financial barriers when accessing care, making them among the most underserved populations.

Our aim is to bridge this gap by providing affordable and inclusive mental health services, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their orientation, can receive the support they deserve.

The Kalamos Difference

Integrated Care is Better Care

Integrated Behavioral Health allows our therapists care to be covered without the need to pay expensive credentialing costs.

Without BHI

With BHI from Kalamos

Prohibitively expensive contracting
Covered by insurance
Isolated from primary care
Whole person care
Billable time oriented
Outcomes oriented
A Better Way Forward

Treat Populations You Care About

With Kalamos, you don't have to stress about whether patients can afford your services anymore. Instead, concentrate on treating the patients you truly care about helping.

No matter black, white, or beige, Asian or Latinx made (thank you Orville Peck), our services enables you to prioritize patient well-being without financial concerns getting in the way.

See The Impact of Your Work

When you receive a referral through BHI, each patient comes with specific goals to enhance their physical well-being. You witness the positive changes in both your patients' mental and physical health as a result of your work.

Because of the direct, measurable impact, many patient/provider relationships built during a brief BHI intervention will last for months after.

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